MMFG Composites provides consultation, design and built services of FRP boardwalk, decking, treetop observation platform, garden stairs and ladders that are all fabricated from a combination of fiberglass pultruded profiles. Our proven track record of large and complicated installations particularly related to structural works in the tourism industry is testimony of the high product quality offered to a satisfied customer and we strive to provide quality services to potential clients as well.

In recent times, clients often source for FRP products as replacement to wood or metal-based ones due to its many advantages namely, corrosion-resistance, termite-free, lightweight, structurally strong and durable, dimensional stability, low maintenance, non-combustible and also choose preferred color schemes intended to camouflage the installations with the surrounding scenery.

These category of products are considered “portable” and can be partially preassembled at our facility and finishing done at site with general basic tools.

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