Sarawak Energy Supply Co. Berhad (SESCO) has, for its pilot project, used FRP type wall paneling system supplied by MMFG to build its Outdoor Substation. The complete unit is easily assembled by piecing individual panel together using bolts and nuts. Being lightweight, structurally strong and durable, it omits the need to build a concrete perimeter footing. This type of paneling system is most suitable to be constructed at remote locations least accessible by road.

The FRP substation wall paneling that houses the transformers and switchgears is non-conductive, hence safe when accidently in contact with the outside wall. It can easily be dismantled and relocated to intended sites where necessary.

We have expertise in fabrication of FRP roller gates and FRP Stop-board for irrigation and tide control purposes. Depending on the design and application criteria, a roller gate is constructed using a combination of FRP pultruded “I”-Beam and “U”- Channel profiles and 1-inch thick panel board assembled together to form a complete unit. The Drainage Irrigation department authority (JPS) has initiated several pilot projects recently and recognized the practicality and advantages (non-corrosive& maintenance- free and durable) of the product compared to conventional ones made of aluminium plates that often rusts when immersed in seawater and wears off easily by tidal currents.

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